Learn about the plastic thermoforming process


What is thermoforming ?

It consists in shaping plastics by heating the material and applying a mold on it.


The 3 steps – thermoforming process


The plastic material (sheet in this demonstration) is being softened by heating then formed on a mould.

thermoformage plastique - chauffage de la matiere plastique devenue liquide avant la mise en forme thermoformage plastique - montee du moule et application contre la matiere plastique devenue molle


The use of a vacuum aspiration system helps the plastic adhesion over the whole surface.

thermoformage plastique - mise en forme de la matiere par le moule thermoformage plastique - systeme d'aspiration sous vide pour coller le plastique aux angles du moule


The plastics is cooled down to enable unmoulding while preserving its new shape.

thermoformage plastique - refroidissement du plastique avant demoulage de la piece thermoformage plastique - la piece est demoulee et conserve sa forme


All the thermoforming benefits

Why opting for thermoforming instead of another processing technique ?


Its first benefit relates to the costs : The aluminium-made tools are simple to produce, and the use of recycled plastic material can highly optimize your project costs. Thermoforming is a perfect solution for your small and medium series.


Furthermore, thermoforming mainly offers a large range of technical possibilities and may suit to all your projects.


Your product requires a quick production launch ? Your parts must be delivered as soon as possible ? Good news : the total process takes a few weeks only.


You want a material which could provide both strong technical and aesthetical characteristics ? Thermoforming allows you to double up the benefits from several materials in one part only thanks to the materials available in blend or multilayer.

Your project is about high dimensions ? We thermoform parts up to 2600 x 1800 mm.


You want to customize your part by decorating it ? You can also pre-decorate your material before the thermoforming stage.



For further information about thermoforming, please visit  www.thermoformage.com